Physical Activity – Key To Longevity

Sedentary lifestyle kills as we all know. Recent study also show that regular physical activity improves ones health and well being.

Physical fitness is determined by each individual fitness level, age, health status, physical activity patterns, behavioral, environmental factors and genetics.

Each individual has a differing exercise capacity from regular to strenuous physical activity. Researchers had also found that people with the least level of physical activity had a fourfold increased risk of cardiovascular mortality and progressively reduced with increasing level of activity.

More of physical activity means less risk of illness and any cardiovascular problems. Any activity that you keep your body moving, sweating and burning calories are beneficial to your body.

Being physically active is just one part of staying healthy, you need to have a balanced diet using the food pyramid to guide you the recommended intake. Anything that exceeds of what is prescribed is bad. A balance diet is simply eating a wide variety of foods to make sure that your body gets every nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy.

You need to maintain a balance between the number of calories you consumed and those which you burn through physical activities. Importantly, one must not forget to hydrate.

Hydrating is vital part in maintaining good health especially if you are in a physical fitness regimen, where you have to replenish the fluid that you sweat out.
More importantly, make a part of your lifestyle the following:

a) Choose to your liking as your regular physical activity, i.e. brisk walking, jogging, swimming, gardening, biking, weight lifting, washing your car and any household work activity.

b) Play your favorite sports, i.e. badminton, tennis, basketball, football, bowling, hockey, boxing, golf, baseball, etc.

c) Balanced nutrition to sustain your bodily needs and energy.

d) Proper hydration, by taking adequate amount of fluids every time you subjected yourself for a physical activity.

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