Pope Benedict Exoneration Of The Jews Has Some Validity

The Catholic pontiff exoneration of Jesus Christ’s death by the Jews in his book has some validity though it was his personal opinion.

The charge has estranged the Pauline church and the Jewish faith’s relationship for centuries.

The account of the alleged trial and crucifixion of Jesus in the new testament of the bible authored by people like Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, their personalities were surrounded by obscurities that until now they could not handily pinpoint who really they are but only speculations about their true backgrounds.

The alleged trial and crucifixion of Jesus depicted in the bible was not the actual unfolding footage of an event as it happened but it was a reconstructed account of what has transpired 40 years back, sources of which and reliability can be put into question.

How would you consider a story when the authors themselves are not personally in touch of what actually happen?

To the remnants of early or classic Christians though they still exist but dwindling in number and who are the original and direct followers of Jesus Christ when Jesus Christ was still with them doubted the story of the alleged crucifixion and has never been part of their teachings.

The brand of Christianity of what we’ve known today is not that of Jesus Christ but that of Paul of Tarsus, the Pauline Christianity.

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