Sedentary Life Can Aggravate Risk Of Breast & Colon Cancer

There is a strong relation between sedentary life and increased cancer risk, according to a study, presented at the American Institute for Cancer Research annual conference.

Around 92,000 cases a year of breast and colon cancer can be attributed to inactivity and are now urging people to get fit, intersperse every hour of sitting with one to two minutes of activity.

Alberta Health Services Cancer Care in Canada, its lead researcher Christine Friedenreich presented findings from a new paper, published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, on physical activity and cancer risk.

Taking brisk daily walks helps to reduce several key biological indicators of cancer risk, including sex hormone levels, insulin resistance, inflammation and body fatness as per assessment of post menopausal women.

There is an overall risk reduction of 25 to 30 percent associated with high levels of activity

Meanwhile another study highlighted that even those who are psychically active but sit for long periods are still at increased risk of developing cancers.

Researchers from Australia’s Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute discovered that that even breaks as short as one minute can help prevent health complications.

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