Tattoo Cover Makes Your Skin Camouflaging Easy

Sharon Naylor, international wedding advice expert and author of over 35 wedding books, has this to say,

“As a wedding expert and television personality, I’m often in front of the camera on some of the top television show and HD film really shows your skin’s flaws! I recommend Smart Cover to brides and grooms, and also to bridesmaids who want to look lovely on the big day.”

For those who wanted to cover their tattoo for some reason, American company SmartCover has created an inclusive kit that makes camouflaging your tattoo easy and it is transfer-resistant on clothing.

Even shows like ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” producers employ full-time body makeup artists to cover tattoos of their star cast. One of the contestant Hines Ward had to have his arm tattoos covered for the show.

Many people regret having their body art done in conspicuous places like arms, necks and even faces but now SmartCover, less expensive than laser has a line of densely pigmented makeup that can cover a host of flaws including Port Wine stains, Rosacea, scarring, and dark pigment patches too.

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