Tea As An Antioxidant, Prevents Cell Damage Relating To Aging, Cancer & Heart Disease

A study by researchers for people who smoke, consume alcohol, confirmed that those who drink five cups of green tea daily reduced their risk of developing cancer by 20 percent in men and 50 percent in women.

Taking a few cups of tea is also beneficial to the heart because it protects us from heart disease.

Medical experts noted that the degree of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries of coffee drinkers and tea drinkers differ. the tea drinkers had 2/3 less coronary damage than the coffee drinkers.

Hence, they concluded that tea protects the aorta from forming deadly plaque. So what is in the tea that make it such a health tonic?

A cup of tea is full of polyphenol, a tough antioxidant that prevents cell damage related to aging, cancer and coronary heart diseases. The presence of polyphenol in tea , is instrumental in stopping the production of enzymes that produce the cancer causing substances.

Aside from polyphenol, the other two main components of tea are flavanoids and catechins. Flavanoids are anti oxidants that are even more potent than vitamin E. They prevent the oxidation process that causes bad cholesterol (LDL) from building up on the artery walls.

Tea catechins also known to be as powerful as an antioxidant like beta carotene, a well deserved reputation as a protector of the heart.

Through experiments, the aforementioned antioxidants has known to lower blood pressure and control bleeding in animals and humans by activating coagulation.

Recent research suggest that green tea is known also to protect against all types of bacteria harmful to our system. Although most of the studies on tea have focused on its anti oxidant, anti cancer properties, there have been also tests done on its ability to help one lose weight.

The polyphenols and catechins in tea that help keep a person healthy also promotes fat firing and regulate blood pressure and insulin levels.

Aside from what had already been mentioned, the other therapeutic benefits in drinking tea are as follows:

a) Reduces the risk of cancer, especially stomach, lungs and skin cancer.
b) Protects against and destroys harmful viruses.
c) Reduces cavities and gum diseases
d) Fights infection
e) Relieve migraines
f) Raises good cholesterol (HDL)
g) Fight tooth decay because tea is such a good source of flouride (drinking it plain without sugar)

Drinking tea is one of the healthiest thing you can do to yourself, whether it is serve hot or cold.

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