Uric Acid Build-Up In One’s System Causes Gout Or Arthritis

Your lifestyle of engaging foods when you were young differs as you get older. You will realize later that not all food is well and the food you take plays an important role in shaping up and maintaining your good health and well being.

By observation, sometimes you may wonder, why some people have a physically disabling disease of gout and arthritis. You will find out that the uric acid build up in one’s system causes gout and arthritis which come from the food you eat, as the real culprit of your misgivings.

However, through ongoing reeducation of yourself about the foods you eat and changing your lifestyle in dealing with foods, it will give you the upper hand of what food to take and what food to avoid.

The body sometimes produces too much uric acid, that the body can no longer efficiently excrete it through the urine, this can result to an overload of uric acid in the system and can cause gout or arthritis.

Gout is a painful inflammation of small joints in the big toe, heels knees, wrist and fingers and is commonly called arthritis. It’s the result of so much build up and high deposit of uric acid in the body and the formation of lumps of crystals in the skin and joints.

Uric acid is a bodily waste products in the bloodstream which is under normal circumstances, it circulates and dissolves in the blood that passes through the kidneys and out in the body through urine.

Gout attacks in male as early as after the age of puberty, age 40 to 50 and a peak age of 75 while it attacks female after menopause. Men and obese people are prone to gout attacks.

Gout is commonly caused by your lifestyle and the food you eat especially foods that are rich in purines and high in uric acid like red meat, internal organs like liver and kidney; seafood and fish like anchovies, herring, mackerel, mussels, sardines, tuna; vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower, scallops, grain peas, dried beans; alcoholic drinks like beer; sugary drinks, beverages like non-diet sodas and some fruit juices.

Gout or arthritis can be treated by medication, changing your lifestyles, maintaining a balance diet and avoiding foods that are high in purines and uric acid, and drinking plenty of water at least 8 glasses a day.

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