Eating Fish Stave Off Dementia Later In Life – Study

A fish diet rich in omega-3, a fatty acid found in oily fish suggest that it can improve reaction times in 18-35 year olds as well as reducing levels of mental fatigue after they perform tough tasks.

Eating fish may enhance blood flow to the brain which could stave off dementia in later life, researchers have discovered.

The results seem encouraging though, taking omega-3 or fish oil supplements may not have an impact on the mental performance of young adults, the researchers at Northumbria University say, but the increased blood flow to the brain it caused could be important for older people.

According to lead researcher Dr Philippa Jackson, the evidence suggests that regularly eating oily fish may prevent cognitive decline and dementia, and increased blood flow to the brain may be a mechanism by which this occurs.

”If we can pinpoint both the behavioral and brain blood flow effects of this fatty acid in older healthy people, then the benefits for those with mental degenerative conditions associated with normal aging could be that much greater,” Jackson said.

Researchers now plan to conduct a study on omega-3 use in people aged 50 to 70.

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