Why Raw Food Is Important To Our Diet?

Eating raw food is as old as the human civilization, it is one of the ancient lifestyle known to man. It was the time when fire has not yet been discovered and invented by man.

Their diet consists mostly of fruits and vegetables, all consumed by man in their raw form. It is probably, one of the reason why people of ancient times has a longer life span than people in this modern times.

Today, raw food is the latest wave among health buff’s quest for clean living and healthy lifestyle.

Many people have healed themselves of diseases and ailments such as diabetes, migraine, back pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. by resorting to raw food.

Raw and living food is uncooked fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains. Other foods that fall under this category are seaweeds, carob powder, cold pressed olive oil and certain spices and seasonings.

Without the benefit and high cost of cooking, raw food provides the body with vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients that get lost when food goes through fire. When food is cooked at over 112 degrees Fahrenheit (warm to the touch), it loses all of its enzymes.

Enzymes are important for every body function. As people age, their bodies’ natural source of enzymes get depleted, so there is a need to replenish this source through the raw foods they eat. Cooked food is not one of them.

Citing research and studies on the subject, switching to a raw and living food diet has helped many people feel well for the first time in their lives. The amazing thing is that it quickly can happen in just a matter of time.

Eating raw food or taking extract juices from fruits and vegetables, allows the smooth assimilation of food nutrients into the bloodstream.

Raw foods provide the nutrients which heal the body, including the digestive system.

To heal the body it has to be supplied with an enormous amount of nutrients above and beyond daily living requirements.

Excess energy can be injected rapidly into the body through juicing, which is the body’s take off point to detoxification or cleansing.

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