Kulitis – The Beneficial Tropical Plant

Kulitis is known in Philippine various dialects as tampala, uray, kuyapa or kujapa; internationally it is known as Chinese spinach and pig weed in the US. It is considered to be the highest tropical yielding leaf plant with excellent nutritional value.

The plant is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin A. The scientific name of kulitis is Amaranthus Spinosus L. Studies have shown that amaranths are good source of medicinal cure that can be beneficial to lactating mothers and use to treat patients with fever, hemorrhage, anemia and kidney complaints.

Kulitis can be found almost everywhere in any land of the tropics. Its prominence goes along with other weeds and to people who cannot readily recognize the beneficial plant where many people think that kulitis is just but an ordinary specie of weeds.

The wind and the birds are commended for its proliferation aside from that it can grow even in poor soils and is drought resistant. It grows even faster and abundantly on rainy days.

The benefits that can be derived from the plant is almost unknown to young and middle aged people except for those who are seventy years old and above. The plant can be easily propagated and therefore it can be advantageous to would be growers and farmers as a good source of income inasmuch that it is not readily available in the market.

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