The Health Benefits of Ampalaya

There are more than 50 million diabetics in the world. The disease is chronic and its cause is hereditary or an acquired deficiency in the production of insulin by the pancreas. The result is increased concentration of glucose or blood sugar in the body.

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The Benefits Of Radiation To Agriculture

Researchers from the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) have been developing improved crop varieties through mutation a non conventional method of plant breeding which uses mutational agents (mutagen) such as radiation or chemicals (i.e. ethyl methyl sulfonite (EMS).

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Controlling Hypertension – The Silent Killer

Studies have shown that hypertension or high blood pressure, if it is not detected and treated immediately, it is highly life threatening and complications can be developed over a period of time such as hardening of arteries known as (atherosclerosis) or bulging of the artery (aneurysm) in the brain that can lead to stroke.

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