The Health & Medicinal Benefits Of Alugbati

Alugbati is a common backyard plant in the Philippines where it is used as vegetable and source of herbal medicine. They either propagate the green or the purplish red variety.

It can also be found in settled and cultivated areas, in hedges.
It can be easily propagated through its seeds or stem cuttings that can be directly planted into the soil.

It is a vine that could run several feet in length especially the native variety which is the common variety that is sold in the local market in preference to the hybrid ones.

It is a popular leafy and stew vegetable a good substitute for spinach in steam or broth cuisine preparation. It has been used by local folks to be a good source of alternative medicine.

The local folks used the leaves to reduce local swelling of wounds, applied to boils and ulcers to hasten suppuration, helps soothe relief of pain when applied to burns and scalds and as mild laxative by decocting the leaves.

As food, it is an excellent source of calcium, iron and also a good source of vitamins A, B and C, with a high fiber value that improves bowel movement.

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